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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two excellent Tom Waits albums.

Sure you've all heard Tom Waits but for those of you who haven't fallen for him haven't heard these two albums!! Notice how they span like 30 years.

Links valid until August 2nd.

So so beautiful. A good example of his "bawler" and "brawler" songs.

Tom Waits - Alice  (2002)    DOWNLOAD

Amazing to put on and listen all the way through while or simply have in the background during a dinner or hangout. They converted the recording studio into a diner/lounge area where people were able to sit and listen to the band play for the making of this album. It's fantastic and a great example of Waits ability to be hilarious talking clever bullshit.

Tom Waits- Nighthawks at the Diner (1975) DOWNLOAD

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Audio Antihero Compilation

A wonderful compilation in support of Rape Crisis featuring both Marblemouth and Cloud. Please help the cause if you can spare the cash! In either scenario please check this compilation out. This is the same UK-based label that Comfort Songs (the third Cloud record) will be released on CD later this year.

Here is its!

Monday, May 13, 2013

ytiC eht fo seripmaV nredoM - DnekeeW eripmaV

This link would get removed immediately if I didn't write the title backwards.

Really digging this album. I think it's all very enjoyable save two songs "Hudson" and "Worship You" which at this point I'd say I don't like at all.  Overall, though, great. This band has been growing so much. I think it's their best work yet and another step up to a mature sound. This album also deals with some really heavy themes about accepting death and the brevity of life. The intensity of such topics is beautifully topped off with an unbelievable [lyrical] resolution in the closing track. Read along with this one. It's great.

All right. Grab it while it's hot--

valid until May 28th

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Come to this show

The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms [1980]

So kids my age know all the mainstream hits of the late 70s and early 80s-- but did you ever wonder where the good shit was? Wonder no more!!

This band is so fucking awesome. They're kinda like the B-52s meets the youthful nerdy fun of Northport bands like Palmkite and For Serious This Time-- topped off these beautifully endless "rhythms" where the band jams on the same chord for like five minutes. It gets you so pumped. Perfect for exercising. Great great stuff here. Also Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan from Yo La Tengo met at a Feelies show!
enjoy- link valid until May 14th. =]

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Allone - The Inevitable Effort [2012]

This hip hop record has been really inspiring for me lately. It's definitely not for everybody. But if you like Eyedea & Abilities... I'm certain you will absolutely love this record. It's uplifting through the self conscious struggle that I'm sure we all can relate to at this transient point in time. To me, it's about leaving home, being lost, and trying to keep your head up in the process.
Name your own price on bandcamp.

favorite tracks-     "Homesick is Where the Heart Is"       "I Get Down"

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mac Demarco - 2 [2012]

Hey! I feel like a lot of you friends will love this album. It's a ton of fun. Excellent guitar work and captures that summer groove. Kind of loosely reminds me of Real Estate but with a badass behind the mic.

 Actually catching this dude tonight in LA. Let me know what you think of him.

Download (link only valid for two weeks so grab now!!)

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Every time I listen to this song over the years it gets BETTER  and BETTER

There is such beauty in nostalgia. Apply it to today! a beautiful, beautiful day

call meeee and tell me goood thingssss =]

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some nice paintings

A newfound interest. So beautiful and nostalgic. 

File:Pierre-Auguste Renoir 146.jpg
Dance At Bougival  - Renoir 1883

File:Pierre-Auguste Renoir - By the Water.jpg
By The Water - Renoir 1880

File:Renoir - The Two Sisters, On the Terrace.jpg
The Two Sisters, On the Terrace  - Renoir 1881

File:Van Gogh - Zwei grabende Bäuerinnen auf schneebedecktem Feld.jpeg
Two digging peasant-women digging on a snow-covered field - Van Gogh 1890

File:Van Gogh - Weizenfeld mit Blick auf Arles.jpeg
Wheat field with View of Arles - Van Gogh 1888

File:Van Gogh - Mittagsstunde oder Garten hinter einem Haus.jpeg
Noon or Garden Behind A House - Van Gogh 1888

Friday, March 1, 2013

Local LA goods

A little sampler mix of three awesome local bands. Seriously check this out. Especially if you wanna be the kinda gal/guy who says, "I knew them before they got big." haha! DOWNLOAD


Been bumping these tunes in my car on CD!!!!  Los Angeles has been pretty awesome. Lots of updates; celebrity run ins, new career opportunities, cool stories! Call me sometime to get the DL.  A little teaser-- who pulls up next to me at a red light in a Rolls Royce? Which rap group sat two tables away from me at lunch? How much money do you pay when getting your car towed?

Check out this video of a nice afternoon along the Pacific Coast Highway. No better way to enjoy a sunset then jamming out. Miss you all.

13 new songs written so far for the next cloud album !!!!

ps- if anyone has any funny/interesting stories on life please email them to me. I'm trying to compile as much material as possible for my scripts!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Text Message

SO GOOD! Friends from home based in DC. Check them out. They're today's Fugazi!!! (bold but more in terms of sound then influence)

Download em free. no mediafire bullshit.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Levitation Room

Today I am recovering from what feels like a melting mind and some melancholia. I do not care to finesse this journal entry as I have the others to make it an enjoyable read. I just can't.

So let me first get this out of the way. Last week was very important. I realized something I always want to be in my life. Community. I have experienced essentially none of that here so far despite going to UU Church, doing some community service at a food truck even to the point where I knew some people by name, and of course group meditations in a really cool buddhist punk organization called "against the stream." really cool stuff. but even through all this stuff, I've been lacking that beauty of togetherness- until one night. I emailed a ton of local bands around here in hopes to get in contact with the right people to play a show. I received one response from a dude Tony saying.. just come to my show and we'll talk there. I sort of reluctantly went not sure if it'd be a waste of time. The venue was a really cool bar with no cover. Tony's band plays there every tuesday. At first there was almost no one there. Then floods of people came in. I noticed quickly that a good majority of these people were Mexican. Ok.

When I met Tony he was thrilled: TAYLOR!!!!! He introduced me to a million people and told them all; "this is Taylor, he's from new york, he has a very personal artist collective" It was really kind of exciting. I've met a lot of people in LA but none who were actually excited to meet me in return. But this was something so different. I understand now what it is... MUSIC! There's a ton of people like Tony in LA who came from Mexico and wanted nothing more than to make a sick lo-fi or psych rock band. All the bands in this scene- for example Santoros and Levitation Room- are friends with each other keep a closeness in the city. It was an overwhelming flood of kindness. I was at such a high and then the Levitation Room played. I've pretty much never enjoyed a new band on stage as much as I did them. We were ALL dancing to their dreamy psychedelic tunes and I really felt the euphoria of tripping return to me. I can't really describe why this night was so good. Maybe it's because I felt like I fit in for the first time since I've arrived here.

check them out here

Sunday, February 3, 2013



Download it if you so please.

1.  (mix coming soon)

It's kind of like a movie, ironically enough. I pushed the PH button in the elevator, never having done that before. I was greeted by Mr. Tracy for our second meeting, this time in his home. He threw me a Pacifico beer as I was given the house tour; A 180 degree view of Santa Monica- this includes mountains to one side where the sun rises, and the ocean where it sets, a piano on each of the two floors, and an entire room filled with a train model replication of Manhattan. It goes like this; I help Mr. Tracy with using the computer, he helps me with my pilot, Flowerpot Spins. 

Intern life isn't so bad. It kicks my ass though. Or should I say, I kick my ass. I'm always jumping to the next task and running around to do it efficiently. It's been paying off though. My internship coordinator actually called me saying a personal thank you for reading 400 pages of a novel in one day. That was brutal. But it's nice and I've somehow really grown to love the commute despite the gas and occasional traffic. I listen to Hi How Are You almost every time as the sun rises in Los Angeles. Then I arrive an hour early to Santa Monica where I sit in a coffee shop called The Coffee Bean where a woman, Kathy, is always working. I write my scripts as the city wakes up and then off to work. It's a nice routine.

Last week I vomited at somebody's party. Yes. I was that guy. I wasn't acting a drunken fool, it just hit me unexpected. I was sitting on the couch with David thinking "this room is so big" and then I knew I had to throw up. Very graciously into the toilet of course not getting a drop anywhere else. It was pathetic. I remember a series of half-friends coming up to me and patting my back for about a minute or so. But to rewind, it was an incredible day. The above picture of the LA Arboretum, was like a dream. It was me, David, and two kids both named Adrian who went there. The Adrian's are a comical duo. They remind me of two inseparable best friends that you meet at summer camp as a kid. The point is, the Arboretum was so beautiful. We all had our jaws dropped. Loving the experience together. Eating tangerines straight off the trees. Playing barefoot catch with lemons in the grassy field by the garden. The mountains are very close to the arboretum and are surrounded in either smog or clouds. Either way it looks like a volcano about to erupt- incredible! Then afterwards the perfect carride home where I put on the smoothest beats during the sunset. Sighs of "whoa."  

Then fast forward to this weekend. Haven't felt as friendless and out of place in a while. I find I'm happiest while doing the work that nears me to my goals, or hanging out with about 3 people around here that I enjoy. The night before last consisted of lonely walks around Universal's Citywalk a terrible, terrible place to escape the bar that Emerson kids were hanging out at. I tried to keep my cool just standing there, or even making conversation but I couldn't do it. This might be due to the fact that my conversation starter to two Emerson acquaintances was "Hey! This place sucks!" They looked at me uncomfortably with a half-hello and straight up walked away. Sigh. I wasn't being an asshole though! Everyone agreed that the place was horrific, but they seemed to tolerate it.

If you've read all this so far, thanks. It's not all bad in the social aspect though. I've had three sleepovers with my friend David. I mentioned him in the last entry too. He's a real friend. Light and goofy who loves a good heart to heart and shows me the best pictures. Last night Offret. Any fan of Bergman would dig this film so hard. It actually uses his film crew and is shot in Sweden. Today I'm gonna sit by the pool and finish my spec for Phineas and Ferb. It's got the best storylines but I can't nail funny dialogue. Miss you all. Wouldn't it be the best if we could continue our ways and have things stay the same?

Call me sometime.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Criminal Hygiene

Their bandcamp is here

YOOOOO. this is a close friend's group. mike fiore of this band produced the first two albums I've ever been apart of with adam & naive when I was 15, 18.  this is what he's up to about 7 years down the line.  it's a great mixture between that lo-fi garage rock that's fun to listen to, that classic "punk" sound, and some of the 90s classics such as Pavement or something. Give yourself a little listen. my current favorites are "Rearrange Me" "Get an Education!" "Andrew's Song" and "Kangaroo"

music video here

they're charging for their album on bandcamp to raise money for vinyl!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Guster is actually pretty good

Nah just kidding. But this band Duster I've found recently is the shit! for fans of late 90s lo-fi slowcore. got that great cassette washy sound with twinkly guitars and whispery vocals. sometimes they pick itup and get a lil heavy.


Download here

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



Download that shitt here

1. "Parties in the USA" by Jonathan Richman
2.  "Aruarian Dance" by Nujabes
3. "Cemetry Gates" by The Smiths
4. "A Schoolboy's Charm" by The American Analog Set
5. "Come To Me Tonight" by Daniel Johnston

A little journal of my time in LA. I figured some of you are considering moving out to the west coast from NY/BOSTON so this may be interesting or maybe just more for myself either way::::

People drive really fast considering the supposed "laid back" California stereotype.  Sometimes on the freeways I go a little over 60 and I'm the slowest one by far. There's tons of time to be spent inside your car in Los Angeles. For instance, my 3 hour commute to work yesterday because I was stuck in traffic. Anyways, this might all sound like complaint but the truth is I think I'm doing really well here. This city is spread out, and luxurious. The views are beautiful. Especially from the griffith park observatory. I had a really nice day there with my friend David who I foresee being a close friend. I already feel comfortable around him which is a breath of fresh air. We talked for the entire day about our pasts and philosophies and ended the day at the observatory with a home cooked dinner with my roommate, Jacob who is an extremely nice guy and another new and real friend. So the Emerson students live in the Oakwood apartments which has its fair share of infamy.. apparently it was mentioned by Ari on Entourage as some sort of purgatory for struggling actors. It's a beautiful resort looking area composed primarily of students, child stars, and the mythic porn star who drives the hot pink pickup truck I've seen once or twice. But seriously child actors abounds. Before I started classes and work I was lounging in the hot tub when a whole swarm of child stars joined. They were very friendly and it was really quite bizarre talking to them. Allow me to quote; "My Mom said that if I bring my little sister around then she'll buy me a new pair of shoes... with my money of course but she'll be letting me use it." Ha! This isn't to say that they're all little brats, they're just average kids morphing into not-so-average kids through this very strange lifestyle. That's besides the point. I started work yesterday. T.R.P. is a great place to work already.  They only put out top notch blockbuster pictures-- which of course are mostly action movies, but even so, they're all very nice to work with, the office is very comfortable and my fellow intern Toby happens to be a really cool dude. My jobs require reading tons of scripts, and compiling book reviews for potential upcoming movie material. I also did my first coffee run which was kinda comical & cliche but the area is so nice that I couldn't help but to be ecstatic with the newness of it all. So far so good I guess you could say but it's not all sunshine. I've noticed here that most of the people you meet (not at work but just friends of friends) don't look you in the eyes when they shake your hand. I have a few friends that I've been hanging out with but mostly it's me on my own which is tough when it feels like you might not be going back home for a while.  I'll figure it out.  I miss you all so much at home. It's amazing to know how much love there is in my life even if across the country. But even having said that, somebody's gotta move out here so we can do this together!  Rent is pretty cheap it's just driving that's the killer! Although gas is 3.49 at the lowest price. Not so bad- eh? 


Thursday, January 10, 2013

that grouper chick

greeting from LA!  This city if beautiful. I think another good word to describe it is luxurious. There are vines and bushes and trees everywhere and it makes driving around really nice. My commute to work will be nearly two hours... SOMEONE MAKE ME A MIX PLEASE!!!!

this is the new groupa album