Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kate Bush- Hounds of Love

For all you 80s pop lovers.

A mixture of Madonna, Fever Ray, Joanna Newsom, Portishead, and most of all, David Bowie's Labrynth.  Really enjoying this album in such a weird nostalgic way.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Olympia Month One!

a mix from greg

1. Ashoken Fairewell by Ya know
2. Desperate Houselives by InkMouth
3. Don't Ever Find Me  by Dubb Nubb
4. There are 2 Moons   by  The Celestials
5. Underwater talkin garble nonsense   by The Celestials
6. Water Atlas by Aantarcticaa  (sooogoood)
7. Metaphor by Dragon Lee
8. Mary's Song by The Aislers Set
9. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother   by Camp Wisdom
10. The Sky & the Clouds Switched  by Dragon Lee
11. Spring Fever- Noah Salwen
12. The Summer Feeling by Jonathan Richman