Monday, February 18, 2013

Levitation Room

Today I am recovering from what feels like a melting mind and some melancholia. I do not care to finesse this journal entry as I have the others to make it an enjoyable read. I just can't.

So let me first get this out of the way. Last week was very important. I realized something I always want to be in my life. Community. I have experienced essentially none of that here so far despite going to UU Church, doing some community service at a food truck even to the point where I knew some people by name, and of course group meditations in a really cool buddhist punk organization called "against the stream." really cool stuff. but even through all this stuff, I've been lacking that beauty of togetherness- until one night. I emailed a ton of local bands around here in hopes to get in contact with the right people to play a show. I received one response from a dude Tony saying.. just come to my show and we'll talk there. I sort of reluctantly went not sure if it'd be a waste of time. The venue was a really cool bar with no cover. Tony's band plays there every tuesday. At first there was almost no one there. Then floods of people came in. I noticed quickly that a good majority of these people were Mexican. Ok.

When I met Tony he was thrilled: TAYLOR!!!!! He introduced me to a million people and told them all; "this is Taylor, he's from new york, he has a very personal artist collective" It was really kind of exciting. I've met a lot of people in LA but none who were actually excited to meet me in return. But this was something so different. I understand now what it is... MUSIC! There's a ton of people like Tony in LA who came from Mexico and wanted nothing more than to make a sick lo-fi or psych rock band. All the bands in this scene- for example Santoros and Levitation Room- are friends with each other keep a closeness in the city. It was an overwhelming flood of kindness. I was at such a high and then the Levitation Room played. I've pretty much never enjoyed a new band on stage as much as I did them. We were ALL dancing to their dreamy psychedelic tunes and I really felt the euphoria of tripping return to me. I can't really describe why this night was so good. Maybe it's because I felt like I fit in for the first time since I've arrived here.

check them out here

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