Thursday, January 24, 2013

Criminal Hygiene

Their bandcamp is here

YOOOOO. this is a close friend's group. mike fiore of this band produced the first two albums I've ever been apart of with adam & naive when I was 15, 18.  this is what he's up to about 7 years down the line.  it's a great mixture between that lo-fi garage rock that's fun to listen to, that classic "punk" sound, and some of the 90s classics such as Pavement or something. Give yourself a little listen. my current favorites are "Rearrange Me" "Get an Education!" "Andrew's Song" and "Kangaroo"

music video here

they're charging for their album on bandcamp to raise money for vinyl!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Guster is actually pretty good

Nah just kidding. But this band Duster I've found recently is the shit! for fans of late 90s lo-fi slowcore. got that great cassette washy sound with twinkly guitars and whispery vocals. sometimes they pick itup and get a lil heavy.


Download here

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



Download that shitt here

1. "Parties in the USA" by Jonathan Richman
2.  "Aruarian Dance" by Nujabes
3. "Cemetry Gates" by The Smiths
4. "A Schoolboy's Charm" by The American Analog Set
5. "Come To Me Tonight" by Daniel Johnston

A little journal of my time in LA. I figured some of you are considering moving out to the west coast from NY/BOSTON so this may be interesting or maybe just more for myself either way::::

People drive really fast considering the supposed "laid back" California stereotype.  Sometimes on the freeways I go a little over 60 and I'm the slowest one by far. There's tons of time to be spent inside your car in Los Angeles. For instance, my 3 hour commute to work yesterday because I was stuck in traffic. Anyways, this might all sound like complaint but the truth is I think I'm doing really well here. This city is spread out, and luxurious. The views are beautiful. Especially from the griffith park observatory. I had a really nice day there with my friend David who I foresee being a close friend. I already feel comfortable around him which is a breath of fresh air. We talked for the entire day about our pasts and philosophies and ended the day at the observatory with a home cooked dinner with my roommate, Jacob who is an extremely nice guy and another new and real friend. So the Emerson students live in the Oakwood apartments which has its fair share of infamy.. apparently it was mentioned by Ari on Entourage as some sort of purgatory for struggling actors. It's a beautiful resort looking area composed primarily of students, child stars, and the mythic porn star who drives the hot pink pickup truck I've seen once or twice. But seriously child actors abounds. Before I started classes and work I was lounging in the hot tub when a whole swarm of child stars joined. They were very friendly and it was really quite bizarre talking to them. Allow me to quote; "My Mom said that if I bring my little sister around then she'll buy me a new pair of shoes... with my money of course but she'll be letting me use it." Ha! This isn't to say that they're all little brats, they're just average kids morphing into not-so-average kids through this very strange lifestyle. That's besides the point. I started work yesterday. T.R.P. is a great place to work already.  They only put out top notch blockbuster pictures-- which of course are mostly action movies, but even so, they're all very nice to work with, the office is very comfortable and my fellow intern Toby happens to be a really cool dude. My jobs require reading tons of scripts, and compiling book reviews for potential upcoming movie material. I also did my first coffee run which was kinda comical & cliche but the area is so nice that I couldn't help but to be ecstatic with the newness of it all. So far so good I guess you could say but it's not all sunshine. I've noticed here that most of the people you meet (not at work but just friends of friends) don't look you in the eyes when they shake your hand. I have a few friends that I've been hanging out with but mostly it's me on my own which is tough when it feels like you might not be going back home for a while.  I'll figure it out.  I miss you all so much at home. It's amazing to know how much love there is in my life even if across the country. But even having said that, somebody's gotta move out here so we can do this together!  Rent is pretty cheap it's just driving that's the killer! Although gas is 3.49 at the lowest price. Not so bad- eh? 


Thursday, January 10, 2013

that grouper chick

greeting from LA!  This city if beautiful. I think another good word to describe it is luxurious. There are vines and bushes and trees everywhere and it makes driving around really nice. My commute to work will be nearly two hours... SOMEONE MAKE ME A MIX PLEASE!!!!

this is the new groupa album