Friday, March 1, 2013

Local LA goods

A little sampler mix of three awesome local bands. Seriously check this out. Especially if you wanna be the kinda gal/guy who says, "I knew them before they got big." haha! DOWNLOAD


Been bumping these tunes in my car on CD!!!!  Los Angeles has been pretty awesome. Lots of updates; celebrity run ins, new career opportunities, cool stories! Call me sometime to get the DL.  A little teaser-- who pulls up next to me at a red light in a Rolls Royce? Which rap group sat two tables away from me at lunch? How much money do you pay when getting your car towed?

Check out this video of a nice afternoon along the Pacific Coast Highway. No better way to enjoy a sunset then jamming out. Miss you all.

13 new songs written so far for the next cloud album !!!!

ps- if anyone has any funny/interesting stories on life please email them to me. I'm trying to compile as much material as possible for my scripts!

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