Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Greetings from Hawaii (Mix #7)

Greetings From Hawaii
Mix 7

okay picture this. It's the first day of your island getaway. The weather is beyond beautiful. You get to this island and it's endless fun. Pool games, beach volleyball, parasailing, rafting , you name it and you can do it.

Later on you take a rest on the sunny beach with your cool shades and ice cold Pina colada. You don't think about much you just enjoy the birds circling in the distance and the blue ocean and sky complimenting each other perfectly. You watch the sails slowly drift from right to left and left to right and you are perfectly at peace.

The sun begins to set and a sun-bridge is made on the water of oranges and reds you've never even thought could exist. The sky swooshes through various pinks and yellows and reds and oranges until it has peacefully become night. The tiki torches get the light they've been waiting for and the bonfire gains life. Relax. You're on vacation!

1. "Christmas Song" by The Aislers Set
2. "Look out Sos!" by The Ruby Suns
3. "Dune Buggy" by Surfaris
4. "The Sun Was High (So Was I)" by Best Coast
5. "Atlantic City" by Real Estate
6. "Ohne Titel" by Panda Bear
7. "Natty Dub" by King Tubby
8. "Let's Go Away For A While" by The Beach Boys
9. "Saturday Morning" by Real Estate
10. "Looks Just Like The Sun" by Broken Social Scene
11. "Pacific Theme" by Broken Social Scene
12. "Hawaiian Slack Key" by Hawaii

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