Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Dreams Sound Like (Mix #6)

What Dreams Sound Like
Mix #6

A creative dreamworld pulling through different sounds. Not necessarily music to lay down and sleep through but I picture it to be the mix of sounds you'd hear while dreaming of non-sensical things.

1. "Saltwater" by Beach House
2. "Tune For Wind Dog" by Lucky Dragons
3. "Forest Interlude" by Donkey Kong
4. "You in Forty Years" by High Places
5. "Bluish (Piano Cover)" by Youtube User
6. "Let's Rock The Beach" by Ducktails
7. "Kid Klimax (Acoustic)" by Atlas Sound
8. "Moon Dreams" by Miles Davis
9. "Mary's Magic" by Pogo
10. "Plains of White" by Tofu Delux
11. "Deck Observatory" by Ducktails
12. "Aquatic Ambiance" by Donkey Kong
13. "Extra Kings" by The Avalanches

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