Wednesday, April 25, 2012

procrastination at its finest

So I'm procrastinating pretty hard on an essay right now. My essay writing process usually takes 5, 6 hours at a time and I have to listen to music the whole time. I got really sick of throwing albums and discographys on and having them come to an end. I get distracted and have to pick something new which takes a while. So I decided to make an endless loop of music that is INCREDIBLE

do it yourself! this is what you need: (play all three at the same time in separate windows, duh)  (put this on repeat)  (part the loop between 3:42 and 3:44)  (click drum beat 3)

This is the most entrancing remarkable thing ever! You can make music using the internet so easily. holy shit. here's a screenshot so you know you're doing it right!!

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