Saturday, February 11, 2012

Double Feature!

Surprise motha fuckas! Two completely different albums. Both awesome

This album is so beautiful. Lately the best music to me has been music that encapsulates strangeness. This album is such a great example (and so is Cassadaga, Jordan) of doing so and in a beautiful asian-influenced fashion. "Akiko" is the type of song that really makes me feel like I understand. I can't really phrase that how I'd like but it's really powerful to me.

I think this is Konrad's best work yet. He's really found his way in the electronic realm. This album is overall very peaceful and at some points gives a hectic future-shock that really reflects how mad everything is today. Instrumentals such as "Tuna" and "See Through The Fog" are exactly the reasons I love this type of music. Also... beautiful album artwork, Kryie!

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