Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Doom & Gloom Sessions Vol 1

The recordings from Spring Semester 2011

by Kate & Tyler on their WECB radio show, Doom & Gloom

1. "Arbitrary Bastard" interview by Frank Gao music by Emeralds
2. "Christmas Tree" interview by Dana Natera music by Sam Goldberg
3. "Honey Island" interview by Samira Winter music by Chopin
4. "The Inferiors" interview by Jason Cerundolo music by Glass Frog
5. "It's Not A Film" interview by Greg Salwen music by Sigur Ros
6. "Nuclear Bunnies" interview by Jon Davies music by William Basisnki
7. "Rap Battle" rapped by Dana Natera, Tyler Taormina, and Lorena Alvarado
8. "Shooting Star" interview by Omar Saeed music by Fjords
9. "Teeth Glow" interview by Tyler Taormina music by Flowerman
10. "Twelve" interview by Lorena Alvarado music by Sean McCann
11. "Who Knows" interviews by Kirby Archer, Emily, Brendan Mattox music by Glass Frog
12. "The Wrong Island" interview by Wes Boudreau music by Emeralds

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