Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carissa's Wierd / S

two words I will NEVER be able to spell: weird & crowd.

This band is an awesome slow-folky sad group from mid 90's Seattle. Apparently their breakup left the city in despair. Ain't that a nice aesthetic? So S is just the solo project of one of the Carissa's Weird members, Jenn Ghetto. I guess she was the cooler of the two founding members because the other dude moved on to do Band of Horses.... and fuck them. Check out their songs "Ignorant Piece of Shit," and "So You Wanna Be Super Hero" From S, I've only really gotten into "5 Dollers," such a great track. hope you enjoy, keep in mind that they're definitely the type that grows on you.

Carissa's Wierd- Songs About Leaving (2002)

S- Puking and Crying (2004)

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