Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hollow (New Mix)

Hollow (New Mix)

There's something about this mix that I like. Maybe you can fall asleep to it, or just relax. I picture myself sitting silently on a couch. Hope you enjoy

1. "Hollow" by The Boy Who Could Fly
2. "Garden Constellation" by July Skies
3. "Also Ran" by Blueboy
4. "Coffee Is Dead" by Neato Fleets
5. "The Bobby" by Pipas
6. "To The Lighthouse" by Memoryhouse

p.s. the order is important!

p.p.s. that picture is of kenny's aunt(?)

correction... this is very much in fact a picture of Kenneth Michael Korb Jr's aunt. You can find out more about Kenny and his aunt here


  1. fuck no! that's a picture of my friend's friend haha really creepy of me I was hoping that picture never got traced back to me hahaha

  2. this is legit amazing... if anything too fucking short.. make me a Hollow pt. 2 please

  3. thanks dude. I've been sitting on this one for a while and I just can't find a good enough song that fits to extend it with.