Monday, January 25, 2010

Galaxie 500- Today

OMG this album is fucking perfect.

a little background- three best friends graduated and all got into harvard. when they started a band they needed a drumset. One of the band members roomates (Conan Obrien) had the drumset they needed and recorded this very album with in 1988. It definitely set a nice standard for the 90's especially in the guitar work

ignore the fact that 6 of the songs start with exact same chord because this album is really great. honestly not one bad track on it . my fav might be "don't let our youth go to waste," "pictures" "king of spain" and obviously "flowers" if you heard the mixes i made for ash and greg and jess and danielle hahahaaha fucking shit this album is so good. please listen to it and love it!

ps - college is going great! I'm really enjoying the city and have met some awesome people. Visit me i'd love you!


  1. This is such a cute post. I've loved this album so much. I'm starting uni (college) soon. I'm sure this comment will be lost in time. But anyway, I needed another download of this album, so thanks, from the future. :)